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It's the same old blog, pero ginamit ko na ang blog title ng isa ko pang blog. Check out why by clicking the link above.

Oks? Walang maliligaw ha!

Douzo yoroshiku!!!


US Morons

Recently some Americans are giving us yet again enough reasons to justify their severe mental retardation (that's 'stupidity' for you, stupid Kano).

Six US marines allegedly sexually harrassed and raped a Filipina tourist in Subic a few weeks ago. When questioned this answer came up: But she's a prostitute!

Oh, the joys of stupidity! Since they clearly implied that for them prostitution merits a legal rape, then can we chop off their wagners and have them eat their own 'long' and 'meaty' wangs? They wouldn't realize it anyway since stupid Americans think with their penis heads. No penis head = no brain activity.

These morons didn't even commit the crime discretely; they did their dirty work at the back of a rented van in the presence of a Filipino driver. Marines? Or Morons?

The first hearing is starting in a few days, and I think we have a strong case. It's time for our government to stand up and stop being a professional suck-up led by war-freak George W. Bush.

If and when these US MORONS are found guilty they shouldn't receive the death penalty. They should get a life sentence and then sent to the bilibid prison. Bilibid inmates will make sure that justice is served, Pinoy style! Their lives will go through all the levels of hell with acute cases of scabies to boot.

Scratch your balls, suckers!

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